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Eyebrow restoration can provide a lovely, long-lasting solution to thinning brows. As the first specialist in the country certified in both plastic surgery and hair restoration, Dr. Michael Wolfeld is uniquely qualified to perform your eyebrow restoration with arguably the best eyebrow transplant NYC has to offer.

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What is Eyebrow Restoration?

The hair that creates your eyebrows is different than any other hair on your body. What’s more, as you age the thickness and natural arch of your eyebrows can change. Thinning eyebrows are a common concern and can be a result of:

  • Years of plucking or waxing
  • Damaged hair follicles
  • The natural aging processes

Eyebrow restoration is a procedure that can restore the appearance of thinning brows to create balance and facial harmony. When selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon or hair restoration specialist for eyebrow restoration, experience is important. Dr. Wolfeld understand how to create facial harmony in performing advanced eyebrow restoration.

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How is Eyebrow Restoration Performed?

Before your eyebrow restoration procedure, you and Dr. Wolfeld will work together to determine the shape and arch of the eyebrows that will best balance your facial structure. Eyebrow restoration is performed by removing hair follicles from another location on the body and transplanting those follicles to the brows. Follicles are typically harvested from a location directly behind the ear in order to provide discretion. Dr. Wolfeld will then carefully place the follicles in the new location, each carefully placed at the right angle, precisely shaping your eyebrows to create balance and beauty.

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What Can I Expect During Eyebrow Restoration?

Eyebrow restoration is performed in the serenity of our mid-town Manhattan offices under local anesthesia. Hair follicles will be removed from the designated area. These hair follicles will then be placed in your eyebrows with precision, creating natural-looking, full eyebrows in areas where they have thinned. Due to the meticulous nature of our eyebrow transplant in NYC, the procedure can last up to six hours.

What Can I Expect Following Eyebrow Restoration?

Following your eyebrow restoration procedure, you may experience a bit of swelling, redness, or crusting. This is normal and should subside within a few days. The newly placed hair follicles will go through a natural “shedding” phase before they begin their cycle of regrowth. This should not be cause for alarm. While you will notice an immediate difference following your eyebrow restoration procedure, final results will take up to six months to be evident.

How Can I Care for my Eyebrows as they Begin to Regrow?

It is recommended that you carefully brush your eyebrows in an upward motion to encourage them to grow in the appropriate direction. Application of a firm gel will further encourage this growth. We recommend that you trim your eyebrows once every ten days.

Why Should I Choose Wolfeld Hair for Eyebrow Restoration?

Dr. Michael Wolfeld is uniquely qualified to perform your eyebrow restoration. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, he understands the anatomy of the face and the artistry required to create facial balance. As a certified hair restoration specialist, Dr. Wolfeld has a rich understanding of the techniques involved in hair restoration.

This combination of technique and artistry works together to create the balanced, sophisticated results you desire. Dr. Wolfeld will carefully listen to your concerns and goals for eyebrow restoration and create a plan that will allow you to achieve the full, natural-looking brows that you envision.

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Eyebrow Restoration FAQ

Is eyebrow restoration a painful procedure?

Are the results of eyebrow restoration permanent?

Are there any side effects of eyebrow restoration?

When can I return to work after eyebrow restoration?

Is eyebrow restoration a painful procedure?

Because your eyebrow restoration procedure will be performed using local anesthesia, you won’t feel any pain during the treatment. However, you may experience some soreness while your skin heals after the procedure, and Dr. Wolfeld may be able to prescribe you pain medication to ensure a comfortable recovery period.

Are the results of eyebrow restoration permanent?

Typically, eyebrow restoration provides long-term results, and there’s a very good chance that your new eyebrows will last a lifetime.

Are there any side effects of eyebrow restoration?

Although choosing a skilled hair restoration specialist like Dr. Wolfeld will reduce the likelihood of complications, eyebrow restoration may still cause certain side effects. The most common side effects of the procedure include the following:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Soreness
  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Loss of feeling

You can minimize the risk of experiencing these side effects by following all of Dr. Wolfeld’s instructions both before and after your procedure.

When can I return to work after eyebrow restoration?

Although every patient is unique, we typically recommend recovering at home for approximately 10 to 14 days before returning to work and resuming your normal routine after eyebrow restoration.

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