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ARTAS Hair Studio

There’s a good chance you’ve spent years worrying about your hair loss. If you’ve begun to consider hair restoration, your timing could not be better. Dr. Michael Wolfeld, the premier hair restoration specialist in NYC, offers his patients the most advanced system available: The ARTAS Hair Studio.

We live in an age of advanced digital technology and artificial intelligence. These tools have now been applied to the field of hair restoration. The groundbreaking technology of the ARTAS Hair Studio® has made hair restoration faster, easier, and creates very aesthetic, and natural results. To schedule a consultation for some of the best results in hair replacement NYC has to offer, contact Dr. Wolfeld today.

What Does the ARTAS Hair Studio Do?

The ARTAS Hair Studio is a significant breakthrough in the field of hair restoration. It enables your physician to create a 3D model of your hair transplant design – on your own image. Moreover, it makes it possible for you and your doctor to view and consider more than one approach to reaching your goals. You’ll be able to see how your appearance will be affected when grafts are placed in different areas of your scalp. It’s important to have the clearest picture possible of the outcome from your treatment and to be able to see what your doctor is talking about when discussing the various options for design.

Hair Replacement NYC

Why Choose Dr. Wolfeld?

If you are searching for the best hair transplant doctors in New York City, you don’t need to look further than Dr. Michael Wolfeld:

  • Dr. Wolfeld is board certified in both plastic surgery and hair restoration. He is the only hair restoration specialist in the country who can make this claim.
  • Dr. Wolfeld utilizes extensive experience and skill in both these fields to create and execute a treatment plan that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.
  • His practice is focused strictly on hair restoration.

How Can the ARTAS Hair Studio Help Me?

A number of factors go into decision making about a hair transplant, including:

  • The degree of your hair loss
  • Your facial structure
  • Your age
  • The result that you hope to achieve

The ARTAS Hair Studio makes it possible for you to go beyond simply imagining what your doctor is telling you and allows you see exactly how the final result will appear.

What Happens After My ARTAS Hair Studio Consultation?

It’s important to remember that the ARTAS Hair Studio is one piece of an intelligent and precise system. Once you and your doctor have agreed upon your transplant design, this information is stored to direct the robotic arm that harvests and places the hair grafts.

This will include such details as the best sites for harvesting healthy follicles and even the angle at which they should be inserted. The robotic features can reduce anxiety about your results. Not only will you know what the plan is, you can be confident that it will be executed exactly as intended, digitally directed by the algorithms in the system. No guesswork involved.

FAQ Procedure

ARTAS Hair Studio: FAQ

A consultation with Dr. Wolfeld will give you an idea of the hair transplant cost in NYC as well as allow you to experience the ARTAS Hair Studio, which can help you begin your transplant adventure with confidence regarding your treatment and its results. Read answers to the common questions our patients ask:

Will the 3D Image Really Make a Difference?

Past techniques for helping patients visualize treatment outcomes include drawing hairline outlines on the head with a marker or showing photos of past patients with similar hair loss and similar facial structures. The ARTAS Hair Studio image utilizes your actual face and how it will appear after the transplant procedure.

Does ARTAS Hair Studio Have Other Advantages?

The outcome from your treatment, and even the design for it, involve an accurate estimate of the number of grafts that will be needed. The Hair Studio technology allows you to see how many grafts would be required to achieve the outcome you envision. The entire system is revolutionary – and involves less pain, recovery, and produces results far superior to any earlier hair restoration treatment.

Should I Try the ARTAS Hair Studio?

If you are imagining the difference of your life experience if you could resolve a receding hairline or bald spots, you deserve to discover the ARTAS Hair Studio. You will be able to see exactly how the hair restoration will look with the help of the ARTAS hair studio – on your – in three dimensions. Nothing is more informative than seeing the difference in your appearance if your hair was restored, and understanding how the robotic system works – it is accurate and no guesswork – just truly natural-looking results.

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