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Virtual Consultation

Dr Wolfeld offers free online hair loss consultations for those who are unable to make it to our office location in NY.
These online consultations are confidential.

Fill out the below form with as much information as possible. Dr Wolfeld will review your information and contact you with a personalized response.

While on-line consultation is available for out of town patients, Dr Wolfeld prefers to do consultations at his office for those local to the NYC area. In person examinations allow the doctor to better evaluate your hair loss.
If you are local please contact us to schedule your in person consultation.

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2. Hair / Health Profile

3. Your Hair Transplant

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See our COVID-19 safety policies here

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Dear Patients,

The safety of our patients and staff remain our top priority. With that in mind, we have instituted the following safety protocols to ensure we are providing the safest environment possible.

  • All patients are screened on the phone beforehand to determine if they have any illness symptoms or have been in contact with someone who is COVID positive; and if so they will be rescheduled
  • We are a contact free office; so all paperwork is done beforehand via computer or electronic device
  • All patients and staff will be required to wear masks.
  • Patient temperatures will be checked via no-contact forehead scanners upon arrival to the office.
  • We practice social distancing within the office
  • Hand sanitizer is available for use in the office
  • Gloves are available for patients when they visit our office
  • We are asking patients to arrive at their appointment either alone or with one other individual.
  • Virtual consultations will be available for patients who are unable to come to the office at this time.
  • All of our staff have been instructed and adhere to strict infection prevention measures.
  • All of our clinical staff are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) during patient interactions.
  • Exam rooms are sanitized before and after every patient.
  • All staff are screened for symptoms and have temperature checks prior to working.