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Rogaine in New York City

We know your appearance matters to you. You spend a lot of time investing in how you present yourself to the world, and your hair plays a significant role in your appearance. When you begin to lose your hair, your self-confidence in your image can be affected. At Wolfeld Hair, we understand the importance of maintaining a thick, healthy head of hair, and can advise you of the most effective hair restoration treatments for you, including Rogaine.

Rogaine (Minoxdil)

Dr. Oz & Dr. Wolfeld About Minoxidil: Hair Regrowth Treatment

What is Rogaine?

If you suffer from hair loss, you have probably also heard of Rogaine. Rogaine is an FDA-approved medication used for the treatment of male and female pattern baldness. Rogaine is known as a vasodilator—it dilates the blood vessels in your scalp to encourage growth in places where your hair has thinned. It is applied directly to the scalp to treat men and women who are affected by hair loss.

How is it Used?

Rogaine is a topical medication that is used to treat certain types of male and female pattern baldness. While it has not been shown to work for everyone, it can be effective in stopping hair loss from progressing further and stimulating new hair growth. If you have male or female pattern baldness, your hair follicles will get smaller and smaller as you age. Eventually these hair follicles will lose the ability to produce hair, rendering the hair follicle dormant. Rogaine stimulates dormant hair follicles by dilating the blood vessels surrounding them, increasing the blood supply, and allowing new hair to grow.

How is it Used?

Propecia is an oral medication that is administered daily for the treatment of male pattern baldness. By blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT, your body allows the hair follicles that would be affected by DHT to continue to produce healthy hair.

Are There Risks Associated with Propecia?

As with most prescription medications, there are some side effects of which you should be aware. Propecia was created specifically for use by men only and should not be handled by women. Especially when taken by pregnant women, Propecia poses a risk. Some men report a decrease in their libido when taking Propecia, but this is a rare situation.

Rogaine (Minoxdil)

What are the Benefits of Rogaine?

Rogaine is approved by the FDA for the treatment of male and female pattern baldness and has been shown to be effective in men and women who:

  • Have a family history of androgenetic alopecia
  • Have a healthy scalp
  • Have ruled out other causes of hair loss including thyroid disease, medications, nutritional deficiencies, or scarring

Rogaine works best for those who are under the age of 40, and experience hair loss at the top or crown of the head rather than those who experience a receding hairline. Rogaine is not appropriate for those who have lost all of their hair.

Are there Side Effects Associated with Rogaine?

There are side effects associated with most medications, and Rogaine is no exception. The side effects associated with Rogaine are fairly mild and include an irritated scalp, hair growth in adjacent areas to the treatment area (such as the forehead), and changes in the texture or appearance of your hair.

Why Should I Choose Wolfeld Hair?

Dr. Michael Wolfeld is a certified hair restoration specialist, giving him a specialized knowledge of methods of restoring hair growth. He will carefully listen to your cares and concerns in seeking hair restoration and will advise you about the best methods necessary to achieve that goal. Dr. Wolfeld knows that hair loss is a deeply personal condition, and he wants to help you restore your hair line, as well as your self-confidence.

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