Next-Level Hair Restoration

Dr. Wolfeld, as one of the most qualified hair restoration specialists in NYC, will examine the current hair loss and formulate a treatment plan to match your needs. With the use of advanced digital technology, better results can be achieved. Our robotic site-creation and implantation system truly takes hair restoration to the next level, giving you arguably the best hair implants NYC has to offer.

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How Does Robotic Site Making and Implantation Work?

A robotic site making system is able to differentiate between your existing, healthy hair, and shorter, finer hairs that are in the early stages of hair loss.

It uses this information, in combination with algorithms developed by hair scientists, to map out the placement of hair follicles without the risk of damaging nearby healthy follicles.

A treatment design is created taking into account hair angle, hair density and distribution and other factors related to the aesthetic result that looks perfect – on you. You will work closely with Dr. Wolfeld to plan the most aesthetic look for you. The design is stored in the robot’s memory and directs the implantation process for a result that is free from guesswork – with results that are exceptionally natural in appearance.

Why Choose Dr. Wolfeld?

Dr. Michael Wolfeld is recognized as one of the premier hair transplant specialists in New York City:

  • He is the first hair restoration specialist in the country who is board certified in both plastic surgery and hair restoration.
  • An assistant clinical professor of plastic surgery at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, he brings both the eye of artist and the skill of a highly-trained technician to his work.
  • Dr. Wolfeld can draw upon his extensive experience to connect the dots between the aesthetic outcome that you desire and a treatment plan that produces the most attractive result.
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What Should I Expect if I Choose This Treatment?

Using information stored in the system, your physician will be able to show you a 3D model of your transplant design as you will look when the new hairs grow in. You’ll be able to see what your hairline will look like, along with how many grafts will be needed. When you have decided upon a design, you’ll be ready to schedule your hair restoration treatment. At that time, the robot functions with the data from the design to meticulously extract hair follicles and immediately transplant them to the areas where your hair is thinning. The robot makes miniscule incisions in the scalp and places the follicles in with a specialized system that protects them from damage.

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What Happens After Implantation?

Unlike earlier hair grafting techniques, this procedure does not involve surgical removal of tissue or the use of sutures or stitches. Instead, the body’s natural healing and blood clotting processes help secure the follicles that have been moved into the scalp. The procedure is performed at Dr. Wolfeld’s private clinic and only local anesthetic is needed. You’ll be able to go home afterward and should experience only mild, if any, discomfort. You’ll be back to your normal activities within a few days.

What are the Benefits of Robotic Site Making for Hair Transplants?

Robotic site making offers several advantages:

  • Your healthy hair will be protected.
  • You’ll have a chance to see a model of your hair design in advance of treatment.
  • The design will be created and executed in the manner most suited to your aesthetic goals.
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Robotic Site Making and Implantation FAQ

Will My Hair Design Look Natural?

How is This Different Than Hair Plugs?

Will My Hair Design Look Natural?

The treatment results achieved through robotic site making are far more natural looking than traditional hair restoration methods. You’ll be able to wear your hair however you like, in any style or length, with confidence.

How is This Different Than Hair Plugs?

“Hair plugs” are large patches of hair taken from areas of healthy growth and moved to areas where hair is thinning. It is very difficult to achieve a natural-looking result with this technique. Robotic site-making and implantation involves follicle extraction, not taking a section of the scalp. Hair follicles typically grow one to four hairs. These are robotically harvested and moved to thinning areas in a digitally directed pattern – while protecting healthy hair follicles nearby, so you have the most natural hair implants NYC and its surrounding areas have to offer.

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