The hippies couldn’t contain it. Celebrities and athletes couldn’t either. The beard is a historical institution that transcends divisions in social status, race and age, so when it trends, it trends hard. The stubbled landscape we find ourselves in today, in fact, has been going strong for the better part of a decade. Each time the beard resurfaces, we add culturally relevant tweaks to it.

For men experiencing hair loss, the beard is often called off the bench for distraction purposes. It can be useful in this capacity, though not as useful as professional hair restoration. Still, if you’re trying to offset a hair loss issue while considering hair restoration surgery, the beard can help to some extent. Variety is clearly at the forefront of this latest iteration of beard mania, which has mixed several new versions in with the classics. Let’s take a look.

Beard styles have split off into so many sub-branches that they are now too numerous to list, so the best way to approach this is with categories. Beardbrand does a decent job of breaking these styles down without an indigestible “top 100” list, so we’ll follow suit. Each category described below has several variations within it.

Stubble — This one’s self-explanatory. The jury is still split as it concerns the professional merit of this style. If it isn’t patchy, and if you keep the neckline trimmed, it can work well in both professional and informal settings.

Short — A very popular option for corporate settings is the clean and well-trimmed short beard. You get all the components of a healthy beard – mustache, jaw and sideburns – with none of the faux pas. Keeping this up, of course, requires frequent trimming.

Just let it go —Picture any hipster occupation, and this beard will be there. Craft beer brewer, soap maker, bike shop owner, etc. This beard is especially adept at drawing attention away from a balding scalp, though it may still be unwelcome in corporate settings.

Goatee — No sides, just chin and possibly mustache. Done correctly, you will add a sharp, attractive accent to your face that does your jawline a favor. Done incorrectly (especially when too angular or thin), you will look like an old-timey Bond villain.

Mustache — Hugely popular in the late 19th and mid-late 20th centuries, the mustache elicits a swirl of images, from swashbuckling sailors to policemen. This is a bold statement to be sure, so make sure that it’s what you want. Twist the ends up for a classic handlebar, or go thicker for a more rugged version.

When choosing a beard/mustache style, it’s important to factor in your head shape and size, body shape and size, and facial features before deciding on a beard. Different beards can emphasize or disguise different features, so keep in mind the effects that you want to create.

Tired of pulling focus away from that scalp of yours? When it’s time to match your newly perfected beard with a thick head of hair, consider a cutting-edge hair restoration treatment from Dr. Wolfeld.

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