Look, we get it. You don’t salvage a nice car for a single rust spot – you touch it up. Then, the muffler drops out, and you fix that as well. And so on and so forth, you go on repairing and replacing. One day, though, you come to the realization: it’s time to trade her in.

So it should be with thinning hair. Dietary changes, stress management, changing your hairstyle and nutritional supplements may help slow the progression before you ultimately decide on a hair restoration procedure. Until then, though, you definitely don’t want to be that guy with the plastic shopping bag duct taped over his broken window (if we’re keeping up with the car metaphor, that is). Here are the four worst hair loss cover-ups we as hair restoration specialists encounter on a regular basis.

The Comb-Over

Comb-overs absolutely have their place as a timeless hairstyle, but when used to rescue a struggling scalp, they make everything worse. Sure, you could get away with it in the very early stages of thinning, but from then on, it’s very obvious. It will take more than four or five strands of surviving hair dragged across a large bald spot to feign the appearance of thick, healthy hair. Don’t be that guy.

 Hair in a Can

Thankfully, the sprays have suffered a dip in popularity with the rise of much more and effective methods. If terrible infomercials are your thing, though, you can still find the iconic “hair in a can” ad running at 3 or 4 in the morning. The issues here are pretty obvious: it’s almost impossible to get a perfect color and texture match, staying power is days at best, and most of all, you are essentially spray painting your head.

The Hairpiece

It’s not quite as unique as a fingerprint, but your hair’s color and texture form a very proprietary blend. This is what makes it so difficult for guys to find a hairpiece that works. Even if you find a great style and shape, it won’t necessarily stay that way unless you get it adjusted by a professional on a regular basis. What’s more, if you want to at least be somewhat convincing, you’ll probably have to spring for a more expensive piece that’s made of real hair. It’s not that hairpieces absolutely never work – they just require much more effort than they are worth.

The Skullet

There are fates far worse than hair loss: the skullet. We’re talking completely bald on top with long hair flowing from the sides and the back. It’s like purgatory, if thick hair were heaven and baldness the other place. We normally don’t discriminate between styles, but this one transcends subjectivity – it is simply awful.

If you find yourself heading towards hair purgatory, whether it’s a spray can full of hair or a skullet, you may want to check the latest advancements in hair restoration technology. Trust us, you’ll be surprised.

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