Genes are only half the picture, gentlemen. Whether you were the lucky recipient of thick, luscious locks or not so much, both ends of the spectrum are deeply affected by hair care. As hair restoration experts, we want your second chance to be a successful one, so we’ve compiled this short list of the most important hair-care tips for men to ensure that your results last.

1. More is Less: Easy on the Washing

It sounds cringey at first, but we’re not advocating that you slack off in terms of overall hygiene. The point is this: if you’re predisposed to having dry hair especially, over-washing will worsen the problem. Shampooing and conditioning on a daily basis is excessive and damaging, as is rinsing and repeating within the same shower. Guys with dry hair would benefit most from 3-4 washes a week.

2. Loosen the Cap

Tight-fitting hats are to hair restoration specialists as candy is to dentists. We’ll take the high road on this one, though, and warn you of the danger. While the proposed link between comfortably fit hats and balding is indeed a myth, wearing headgear that’s too tight can cause “friction alopecia,” in which patches of baldness occur because of the consistent pressure on follicles. Generally, this condition is temporary, but if your follicles were programmed to develop full-blown androgenetic alopecia (regular balding) anyway, you can kickstart the balding process early.

3. Diet and Exercise

Like the rest of your body, your hair is a reflection of your overall health. Bosley recommends a diet rich in vitamins A-E, protein and healthy fats to maintain a healthy volume and shine. Additionally, working out regularly will increase circulation to the scalp, open up your pores and rid them of harmful toxins. Even before you go in for a hair restoration procedure, it’s helpful to lock into a steady diet and workout regimen to best prepare your scalp.

4. Dry Gently

In terms of prevalence, aggressive drying is right up there with over-washing. We men are often guilty of being a little hasty and “minimalistic” with our hygiene routines, and this is the perfect example. When you take that scratchy towel and violently rub your wet hair like it owes you money, you will cause breakage and possible damage to the scalp. Similarly, says<GQ, you should use the cold-air button if you use a hair dryer.

5. Stress Not

You’ve probably heard that stress is a killer. In addition to the troubling implications surrounding heart and brain health, stress also introduces problems for hair. If you’re stressed enough for long enough, you can force your follicles to stop producing hair. Worse yet, you can experience “alopecia areata,” an autoimmune problem in which your body attacks its own hair. Stress relief is different for everyone. Whether it’s yoga, sitting on the porch, or swinging a sledgehammer, find your thing.

6. When It’s Time, It’s Time

If you’ve given it your best shot to no avail, don’t fall victim to the sad combover. Thankfully, it’s 2019, and you don’t have to be afraid of hair restoration procedures anymore. With our frontier-leading, AI-assisted procedure, you can customize your hairline and get the exact look that you want – no scars, no long recovery times. After you’ve made the change, though, don’t get too comfortable. Keep these maintenance strategies going, and you’ll be rewarded with years of healthy, durable hair.


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