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As a leader, innovator, researcher, and the only physician in the United States double board certified in plastic surgery and hair restoration, Dr. Wolfeld was honored to be chosen to present the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system to the Society of Robotic Surgery (SRS) at the World Robotic Symposium 2020. According to the SRS, “This society is founded on the fundamental principles of education and collaboration as a means to tackle the complex issues of robotic surgery. Through collaborative efforts afforded by surgeons, allied health and executives, this society gives enormous possibilities in terms of multi-centric studies, database collection, fellowship training and funding support.” This society is a world leader in the development and advancement of robotics in medicine. Dr. Wolfeld was included with the leaders and innovators in all fields of robotics in medicine, including the founders, pre-eminent physicians, and CEOs at the World Robotic Symposium 2020. Dr. Wolfeld presented the advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, as well as the micron level precision, accuracy, and reproducibility of the ARTAS iX robotic system in allowing the physician to perform a minimally invasive follicular unit excision (FUE) hair transplant with significant natural, aesthetic results.

Dr. Wolfeld has been using the ARTAS robotic system for all of his FUE procedures since 2013; one of only a handful of physicians worldwide using the ARTAS robot for this length of time. He has been involved in beta testing and helping to develop the technology that is currently built into the ARTAS iX robot. Specifically in the field of robotic hair transplants, Dr. Wolfeld has co-authored multiple articles in the medical literature, presented at numerous medical conferences, regularly teaches other physicians, and was invited to present a simulated hair transplant procedure with the ARTAS iX robotic system on the television sets of The Today Show on NBC, Dr. Oz Show, and GoodDay NY on FOX. These were the first and only times that the ARTAS iX robot performed a simulated procedure on a live TV set. Dr. Wolfeld is proud to be at the forefront of robotics in hair transplantation and he looks forward to helping to further develop, train, and deploy these new technologies in the future.

World Robotic Symposium 2020

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